EzFormulaPro is an app designed to simplify and speed up the use of popular and complex formulas / equations.

Whether you want to know the number of calories burned during exercise or basal metabolic rate (BMR), calculate financial data or even use complex engineering formulas, you will get it all in one user friendly application… EzFormulaPro.

Key features :-

  • You can find a solution for almost any parameter within a formula/equation.
  • A complete report containing all the information used to find a solution can be generated.
  • It is impossible to generate a report with erroneous data as it is locked immediately after a solution is found.
  • A calculator is available whenever you need to enter a new value; no need to swap to another app for intermediate calculations.
  • The app conveniently manages unit conversion for you. SI and imperial measures can be used together.
  • By default, EzFormulaPro comes with a very simple interface designed for non expert users. However, you can easily switch to an expert mode for much more power.
  • In expert mode, uncertainty on the searched parameter can be computed knowing the errors on the others parameters.
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Automated verification mechanisms have been put in place to provide a quality product. Quality assurance is carried out in two main phases:

  1. In the first stage, the app has been validated with a series of tests to verify the accuracy of the calculations. Reference values were obtained using two different environments and in an isolated manner.
  2. The second stage is performed using another program that allows you to test the application as with a robot.

Much effort has been devoted to validate this app. Your comments and our continued testing will help us improve these validation steps in order to maintain the highest quality possible.

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EzFormulaPro includes 28 formulas in the following categories :

  1. Engineering (control and hydraulics),
  2. Finance (many of them described as essential formulas by business insiders),
  3. Health (including the original Harris-Benedict BMR equations and revised equations),
  4. Sports (calories burned during exercise).

Click the button “Read more” to access the list of available equations.

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À l’aide de ce sondage, aidez-nous à améliorer EzFormula en fonction de vos besoins. Merci à l’avance pour votre collaboration.


With this survey you can help us to improve EzFormula according to what you are looking for. Thanks in advance for your collaboration.


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January 6, 2015

Advertising has been completely removed from EzFormulaPro.

We are disappointed that Apple refused our approach for using advertising particulary because it had been clearly explained in the previous version which was accepted.

However, we knew that this is not normal use of advertising by asking the user to click on the ad. We want to mention that the user has to spend some time (5 seconds) on an ad in order to get free usage with advertising. We believe it is a fair compromise between publisher and app user. Even so, we decided to add in the refused version 1.4.0 a five minutes delay between every request of free usage.

But now we can’t sell usage and present to the user at the same time advertising. So we decided to remove advertising completely from EzFormulaPro. To compensate we will give free EzFormulaPro money to every new user.

We are sorry for any inconvenient.

July 19, 2014

In release 1.3.7, which is waiting for review, the following points will be corrected :

  • Bug fixed related to rectangular weir equation.

We are sorry for any inconvenient.

April 18, 2014

In release 1.3.1, which is waiting for review, the following points will be corrected :

  • Width of fields for formulas in finance category have been adjusted.
  • Order of fields on graph of PV, FV and compounded interest formulas in finance category have been corrected.

We are sorry for any inconvenient.

Mars 11, 2014

Here are what’s coming next in the new version 1.2.0 :

  1. Now for those who wants to pay only for the solutions they are a lot cheaper :
    • Up to 200 solutions for just 0.99$ and,
    • up to 500 solutions for 1.99$.

    To differentiate formulas value, we introduce EzFormulaPro money ξ ( Xi ). This money can be used such as it is in a game but here to get a solution. Presently, the cost for a solution varies from 1 ξ to 2 ξ.

  2. Two new types of formulas have been added ( Finance, Health )
    • All in all, this represents 16 new formulas where a solution can be found for every parameter.
  3. Now you can select which types of formulas you want to display.
  4. For those less familiar with notation E (1.00E2 for example), now there is a standard decimal notation (will be : 100.00).
  5. New user modes have been introduced to simplify the user interface (can be used in expert mode or not).

Important: when you click the “Solve” button and there is no solution found, the bank of solutions will not be charged as it is shown in the following video clip.


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Presented here are video tutorials on using EzFormula. Over time, more videos will be added based on feedback received.

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Here is the next planned development in order of importance:
  1. New equations in health, finance, sport, and more in order to have as many people as possible who can profit from EzFormulaPro.
  2. A new section in the web site to give links to help people understand presented equations.
  3. Curves shown in the “Overview picture” will be updated according to the solution found.
  4. The possibility to access the configuration view of a parameter directly from its label in the “Overall picture”.
  5. Deployment of persistence in order to keep many sets of parameters for each equations.
  6. Wireless exchange between users of sets of parameters.
  7. A version for Android cellular.
  8. A french version.
  9. Many others.
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