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EzFormulaPro | EzFormulaPro EzFormulaPro | EzFormulaPro


EzFormulaPro is an app designed to simplify and speed up the use of popular and complex formulas / equations.

Whether you want to know the number of calories burned during exercise or basal metabolic rate (BMR), calculate financial data or even use complex engineering formulas, you will get it all in one user friendly application… EzFormulaPro.

Key features :-

  • You can find a solution for almost any parameter within a formula/equation.
  • A complete report containing all the information used to find a solution can be generated.
  • It is impossible to generate a report with erroneous data as it is locked immediately after a solution is found.
  • A calculator is available whenever you need to enter a new value; no need to swap to another app for intermediate calculations.
  • The app conveniently manages unit conversion for you. SI and imperial measures can be used together.
  • By default, EzFormulaPro comes with a very simple interface designed for non expert users. However, you can easily switch to an expert mode for much more power.
  • In expert mode, uncertainty on the searched parameter can be computed knowing the errors on the others parameters.

Here are some examples about how EzFormulaPro could be used :

  • EzFormulaPro can be used to rapidly countercheck results obtained using another application while allowing the user to easily keep a record of the validation.
  • With EzFormulaPro, the user can promptly verify on the job site the value of a process variable without a laptop.
    • Indeed, the user will be able to quickly find a solution and its associated uncertainty without having to write a single line of code.
    • Through the whole process, there will be no need for the user to convert any of the values entered; EzFormulaPro shall make the required conversions.
    • EzFormulaPro is powerful tool in design. The user can easily iterate as he goes from one solution to the next until he reaches the RIGHT solution.