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EzFormulaPro software limitations | EzFormulaPro Software limitations | EzFormulaPro

Software limitations

The application calculates the error propagation taking into accounts only the errors entered in the fields associated with the model parameters.

The application does not convert the parameters if the user modifies the measurement unit. For example, an initial value of 3 m going from meters to feet would give 3 ft, not 9.8 ft.

  • The parameter value entered remains unchanged when the associated measurement unit is modified. However, an implicit conversion takes place when a solution in found for the parameter targeted. The value provided by the application is converted to reflect the measurement units selected.

EzFormulaPro does not check the validity of the data provided against the theoretical/physical basis of the model.

  • ExFormula’s action is limited to resolving the equation provided. The validation rules it contains ensure that the values entered do not lead to an indertermination (e.g. division by zero). Knowledge of the physical assumptions on which the models are based is required in order to ensure appropriate use of the application.

There is no guarantee the user will find a solution.

  • The application uses a numerical problem solving method sensitive to local minima which can compromise the discovery for a solution.
  • The solution has to fall within the established search limits.

    • A good knowledge and understanding of the model allows the user to bypass this restriction by setting the search limits to create a zone encompassing the possible solution.

Some parameters may have been established experimentally; therefore they are intrinsically marred by an error. It is the user’s responsibility to know these values and to correctly input them in the error fields .