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Press Release 2014

Let your brain relax - EzFormulaPro will do the math for you!


May 19 2014 - Big data and analytics are literally changing the way we measure our lives. Seemingly anything and everything can be measured and extrapolated these days to make things easier and more measurable - whether it be existing and well-known equations or specific engineering and academic formulas.


Bring the miracle of mathematics back into your life with EzFormulaPro - the app that will do the mental lifting on your behalf! Available to download free from the Apple iTunes Store now, EzFormulaPro will run on the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and has the processing power to instantly produce the results of complex formulas and equations no matter what the variables.


Whether you are trying to work out the number of calories you burned on your last run, your base metabolic rate (BMR) or work out how much an interest rate rise will cost you in mortgage payments - EzFormulaPro is the app for you!


EzFormulaPro also has the following key features:-

  • A complete report containing all the information used to find a solution
  • Graph output to provide an overview and visual tool to revise values
  • Perfection hunting! After a solution is found the report is locked so no erroneous data can be submitted
  • Solutions for almost any parameters can be found within any formula or equation
  • Calculator included to enter a new value - no need to swap in or out of the app to check figures
  • Unit conversion included - EzFormulaPro also allows SI and imperial measures to be used together
  • Simple interface to allow non-experts to get full functionality and use from EzFormulaPro
  • Expert mode for advanced users to take advantage of more powerful modes including computing uncertainty on a searched parameter if errors are known on other parameters


EzFormulaPro includes 28 pre-loaded formulas including Engineering (control & hydraulics); Finance; Health (Harris-Benedict BMR & more) and Sports (calories burned during exercise)


Notes to Editors

EZFormulaPro was  created by Phenox Solutions Inc. For more information contact daniel.simoneau@phenox-solutions.com 


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