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Use cases in hydraulic

In this section, a use case serves as an overview of the application. The section is also a summary of the various functionalities introduced in the previous sections. The results from this section are for illustrative purposes and therefore can only be used to solve an actual problem under the supervision of the competent authority.

A project requires a conduit to be modified: the side of the pipe will be cut at a certain level in order to create a weir that will protect the neighbourhood from flooding. The design constraints are as follow:

  • The pipe must permit a flow rate of 200 L/s and the water level must stay 3 ” below the level of the weir.
  • Because of the existing infrastructures, it is impossible to dig any deeper than 20 ” below the level of the weir.
  • The pipe slope should be 0.04% or less.
  • The inside finish of the pipe is standard for this type of application and a Manning coefficient of 0,013 is recommended.
  • A level transmitter must be installed in order to use Manning’s equation to calculate the flow. To do so, an existing device, with a +/-5 mm accuracy, will be moved.
  • The budget also provides for the installation of a temporary redundant system to validate the results of the Manning equation. The cost of this installation depends largely on the required accuracy level.

To summarize:

Cas d'utilisation avec EzFormulaPro

The following blocs are the transcriptions of the 3 shot videos on how to use EzFormulaPro to find a solution to this problem.

  1. Configuration of the application so that the initial value of the calculator is zero (“0”).
  2. Input known values and design constraints.
  3. Search for a solution.
Getting started - video clip 1

  1. Add data uncertainty.
  2. Calculate the uncertainty of the found solution.
Getting started - video clip 2

  1. Input the project’s contextual data.
  2. Production of an email report that contain detailed information about the solution found.
Getting started - video clip 3